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Life insurance remains the safe haven for the French

Life insurance remains for the majority of French the most prominent savings. 47% of respondents have it.

That’s half the savers. 1500 billion euros. This figure is indicative; life insurance remains the preferred investment of the French.The survey was recently conducted. It reveals the behavior of savers which confirms especially the trend recorded in recent years.

Life insurance is safer

Life insurance is safer

French households are more likely to rely on life insurance by far, which they consider safer as a product to bet on. It goes far beyond Booklet A, PEL and PEA.

In fact, 43% of respondents are in favor of life insurance, compared with 27% for Livret A, 22% for the ELP and 6% for the PEA. One in two French citizens has a life insurance policy. And 12% of respondents plan to subscribe soon after Odoxa.

Life insurance is placed under a favorable tax regime. 37% of respondents are seduced against 19% for remuneration. The tax provision is particular for transmission and redemptions.

Savers buy life insurance for themselves especially. They take it for the following reasons and in priority: preparation of retirement (25%), constitution of a reserve of money in case of serious problems (36%), transmission to benefit third parties in case of death (19%).

The law Sapin 2 is not Christmas

The law Sapin 2 is not Christmas

Euro fund returns are continually declining. Subscribers are worried about the situation especially since they disagree with the law Sapin 2

This law gives the Financial Stability Committee the right to block redemptions in exceptional circumstances. 70% of respondents, regardless of their political sensitivity, strongly reject this provision.

The benefits are attractive

The benefits are attractive

Life insurance gains are subject to social security contributions in the order of 15%.

The advantage of life insurance is that taxation occurs only after the withdrawal of earnings

The history of the contract is one of the major advantages of life insurance. It determines the tax rate of earnings. flat rate of 35% within 4 years. It drops to 15% between 4 and 8 years. Beyond 8 years, the flat tax is reduced to 7.5%.

After 8 years of subscription, the saver benefits from a reduction of 4600 euros or 9200 euros, if it is a couple, annually.