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Make your project a reality with a payday loan

Adequate funding for each project. Whether you want to buy a new car, carry out development work or finance a family event, your budget must be substantial for its realization. Make your project a reality!

Fortunately, thanks to the payday loan, it is quite possible to realize your dreams and projects. Whether you want full financing or partial financing, this alternative is the best, especially if you have insufficient cash.

What is a payday loan?

Make your project a reality with a payday loan!

The payday loan is a type of loan which is more and more popular these days. This credit contract is spread over a fixed term from the start. This can span a few months or even several years. Anyway, the contract never exceeds 7 years. As it is a payday loan, the borrower can use the borrowed amount only for the realization of a personal project, ie for the projects of a natural person only. Depending on the current project, the person wishing to have the credit can have a car loan, a work loan or even a travel loan.

This means that the amount obtained will depend solely on the project to be funded. When you subscribe, you and the financial institution (or the bank) define the monthly payments to be paid from the start. However, it is possible to repay the loan in advance if your means allow you to do so. But beware, early repayment may involve additional costs.

Payday loan for the realization of your projects

The payday loan can be granted for several types of projects, whether vacation, work, marriage, or to improve the well-being of your family. When subscribing, the borrower will not even have to specify the reason why he wishes to borrow the money. But, before passing the course, it would be smarter to go through a loan comparison. Why ? Because, it is thanks to this calculator that you will be able to know the costs incurred by this loan, the duration of the repayment, the monthly payments and the borrowing rate.

In addition to the loan comparison, there is also a amortization table that identifies interest, monthly payments, principal remaining outstanding, etc. But the comparison is also the best way to know beforehand, all the costs of the credit file of several companies as well as the details of each credit offer to which you would like to subscribe.

What are the formalities for obtaining a payday loan?

Obviously, the payday loan is only obtained after a file review. This is why before making an offer, the bank will ask you to provide specific information:

  • proof of income (like tax returns for workers and tax notices for employees and retirees, etc.)
  • personal information about your current situation (your identity, your home, your marital status, etc.)
  • information about your co-borrower, if there is one
  • supporting documents on your financial charges as well as on your current credits

What are the important points in the credit agreement?

Once your file is complete, the bank will send you a credit agreement. This credit contract offer must contain:

  • lender and borrower information
  • the type of credit (here, it will be a personal credit)
  • the amount of the credit
  • the conditions for making the borrowed amount available
  • the duration of the credit
  • the amount, the number and the frequency of the installments
  • the overall effective annual rate
  • the rights of withdrawal, if any
  • terms and conditions of reimbursement